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Information about

Dear guests of Falkudden Camping, Café and Stugby

Now the 2020 season starts at Falkudden. The campsite and cabins are open, motor boats and canoes are ready for rental. The campsite café will open on May 1. But … our 5th anniversary will look different because of the Covid-19 / Corona virus.

The safety of our guests is our top priority, which is why we take this situation very seriously. We follow the rules and guidelines of the government and the Folkshälsomyndigheten  and keep ourselves constantly informed.

Camping and Cabins; You who have your own accommodation:

  • You, who come with your own caravan, camper, tent or rent one of our cottages, have 100% control over your living environment and can therefore feel as safe as at home.
  • We have strict fire rules at our campsite; between each location we therefore have a minimum distance of 4 meters so that everyone can have their own pleasant stay.
  • You, who rent a cabin also have your own space with terrace where you can feel as safe as at home.
  • In the cabin you have the responsibility for keeping clean according to our prescribed rules. Due to Covid-19 / Corona, we will have to clean and disinfect the cabins ourselves, according to Swedish hygiene standards after each departure. Therefore, the final cleaning is no longer a free choice!

Service building:

  • We have strengthened our cleaning routines in our service houses. In addition to the usual cleaning routine, we continuously disinfect all handles, surfaces, knobs, flush buttons, switches, etc., in short all places where you hold or press.
  • We ask all guests to wash their hands with soap and water before and after visiting the service building. All toilets have soap so you can wash your hands regularly. We also place disinfectants that you can use as a guest.

Reception / Cafe:
The door of the reception and cafe is closed. Instead, we have installed a hatch for check-in, kiosk and café. To avoid a jam in queues, we have coloured markings every two meters so that you can be at a safe distance from other people if there will form a queue. We have also placed all tables on our terrace at a considerable distance from each other.

If you are not feeling well, have a fever, cough, sneeze, have cold or flu symptoms, we ask you to stay at home !!

A warm welcome to Falkudden Camping Café and Stugby

Nico and Marlies